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  New year, I wish you th。e new year, work smoo。thly, family happiness, health, all the best!


  I wish friends investors new year silver tin lot, bursting with happiness, new yea。r's stock market o。ff.


  Spring is th。e head, bow is。 autumn. May all。 t。he h。appiness follow you. I wish you a happy new year. Happy new year to you!


  The old。 saying, the day adds years i。ncreased longevity, at the beginning o。f the Spring Fest。ival, I wish。 you good health and longevity.


  Wish you a good dream pig fame ring, do it two。 hundred. Wish you the money Wang, a sneeze is coming!


  In the new year, we have a new runway and a new starting line。. May you run the fastest。 and the most successful!


  With sinc。ere and sincere blessing, the fee。ling of yearning is expr。essed on the occasion of th。e Spring Festival. Happy Spring Fe。stival a。nd happy New Year!


  In the bell of the new year, I raise my cup, any bent and glitterin。g thoug。hts, quietly precipitate i。n the bottom of the cup, deeply bless you happy!


  In the new year's bell, I raise my cup, and any glittering and translucent thoughts quietly precipitate in the bottom of the cup, deeply ble。ss。 you happy!


  The Spring Festival is not only a time for。 y。ou to laugh,。 but also a happy day for you. Bless you, good fortune, new year jinxi.


  For many days, I would li。ke to br。ing you。 a lot of happiness in the Spring Festival of th。e auspicious Sanlu milk。 powder.。 I wish you a happy Spring Festival!


  Happy every second。, happy every day, happiness every year, healthy to forever! Happy New Year!


  Chunxiao。 Chunxiao, green grass。 everyw。here, yang. The mountains and rivers, Huanhuan smile, wish six contract spri。ng rise step by step in th。e world.


  Boy, the Spring Fes。tival is coming, how I h。aven't received your tr。ibute…… I give you the eunuchs carefully!


  If the money is a mistake, I。 wish you! Happy New Year!


  Foreigners believe in Santa Claus, so it's Christmas.。 Chinese。 nobuh。aru brother, so the spring festival.


  Happy to report, business BBK, send a gold treasure, money filled。 with bags, I wish you XX year of great luck!


  New year, new wish。, new hope。, new life, I w。i。sh you new y。ear, new spring, new life good, good, good!


  What gifts you want in the new。 year will come true immediately! Say i。t soon… Short message read, the prescription has passed!


  I。 send you a message: good value, high quality.。 Welc。ome you to enjoy my warm。 blessing!


  Old old friends, congratulations on making a fortune! Go。 out in the outside, safe。 and sound all year round! Go home and look, life is sweeter!


  Energy-saving, linfe! Phoenix has great Wu Q。i, liangm。u origin as pillars, the new。 year again!


  Bid farewell to th。e old year, g。et excited s。aid one to you: good health, good luck in ev。erything!


  I wish you every day after Spring Festival ceremony received a。 red envelope, from morning t。o night someone call cards,。 a new love you like bean!


  A text message, there are so many concerns, only because i。t bea。r。s a strong blessing, wish friends h。appy new year, famil。y joy!


  The spring f。esti。val festive day,。 with overnig。ht in my。 hometown. Happy Spring Festival auspicious tiger, celebrating Sprin。g Festival jiejiegao.


  In the new year, the sa。lary。 shines, the。 house price is back and back, the mood is wonderful, the day is sweet。 and the happiness is li。ke meaning.


  I wish you a happy new year! Everything goes well! Health in the New Year! Success。ful career! T。he blossom of sesame!


  This mom。ent! Have m。y deepest yearning, let the cloud tak。e my bl。essing, embell。ish your sweet dream, w。ish you happy a。nd happy!




  When the wind is up, I'm thinking of you! When snowing wh。en I r。ead you! Happy new year, remember to keep in t。ouch.


  Early spring snow is long, the world is new! Happy Spring Festival, happy New Year! The words are old and new。.


  Happy new year, happy New Year! I wish you a new year of health! Work well! Life is full!


  Endless love and b。l。essing, to my lover, you will always be my pre。cious new spri。ng gift and a。ll of me!


  So dust are ancient new year, yo。u also would like to sweep the hearts of prostitution in 2001, in the new yea。r, I wish you all happy year!


  I have my blessing on the 365 flower buds, t。hey open one day, a beautiful day to bless you.


  I wish you luck playing cards: pull leopard, g。olden to bring。 out。 people stare you smile, others pay you mone。y.


  New ye。ar's blessing, bu。sy for a whole year, only to wait f。or th。is day, the ends of the earth together, round the new spring festival.


  May th。e bright and festive glow of New Year candle warm the days all the year through. Hoping you will have a wonder。ful time enjoying New Year that is happy in every w。ay!


  The new year's b。lessing, the unforgettable day, is the melody I sing forever. Are you all rig。ht now?



  With the coming of th。e new year, I wish you the expansion of your company, the development of bus。iness, the prosperity of business, a。nd a wide range of financial resources.


  The new year new yea。r, I wish you in the new year, a new beginn。ing。, a new harvest, happy new year, good luck in everything!


  You are like a cand。le, gave a。ll the heat and light for。 the younger gene。ration! Happy new yea。r, teacher!


  The new year is coming. I sincerely wish you。 the best of t。he ye。ar. The moon is happy and happy!


  Everyone make spri。ng, Vientiane。 update, wealth and happiness into the treasure, put y。our bag, wish you laugh heartily, floating up good luck!


  The morning sun reminds you that t。he warm spring breeze tells you th。at there is a person thinking about you and that there is a person wishing you。 a blessing.


  The wind is drinking bells。, and in th。e happy atmosphere of the coming new year, I wi。s。h you peace, joy and thought.


  Auspicious wealth, year after year, bright flowers, prosperity, f。ortune, the icing on the cake, safe!


  Good new year, teacher. Thank you fo。r your concern for us all the time! I wish you good。 health and all t。he best in the new year.


  New year's Spring Festiva。l does。 not send gifts, message sent to you: healthy and happy long with you, good luck and you do not separ。ate!


  The Spring Festival is coming, I wish y。ou a happy new year, and wish you all the happiness and happiness all the time. May the warmth of the Spring Fes。tival bring you peace a。nd joy.


  It is a good beginning of the year, a happy time, and a sincere blessing to you again: good new year!


  In the beautiful festival, send me a si。ncere blessing, the footsteps of the Spring Festiv。al will give them all to pure and unblemished you!


  I wish you in the new year. A somersa。u。lt in one hundred and。 eight thousand, and seventy-two world scholarship, with eighty-one entrepreneurial skills。.


  Tr。ue blessing is a mind,。 n。ot a thousand。 words, no words, silentl。y sing。 song, wish you safe an。d sound al。l year r。ound!


  May I send you t。he blessing is the most fresh most make you be worth reading a hundred times, happy new year, good luck in everything!


  Happy every second, happy every day, happiness every year, healthy to forever! Happy ne。w year.


  The Spring Festival g。ree。tings from the Spring Festival, I wish。 you a happy and sweet new year。. The good luck, everything's desire!


  Old fri。e。nd, good ne。w year! I wish you good h。ealth and all the best. B。ring a gift with a red bag!


  In twenty-first Century, anot。her ten years beginning in t。he new year, wish yo。u a d。ream。 and glory! Healthy! Good luck! Auspiciou。s!


  Beautiful wine, candles, food, what a wo。nderful New Year! Only your wallet is missing! Happy new year, friend!


  A cold warm, first phase noise; a marker, a legend; w。ith hope;。 a friendship, and his thoughts。.


  I wish。 you a new year: body not fat, people before you have。 money on hand, the most pretty; laughing in the drea。m.


  Bid farewell to the old year, Shen Bo。tian Kyushu celebrate t。he Lunar New Year weather light; the same song, universal peace exhibition grand general.


  New year, new。 start, everyt。hing from the begi。nning, good beginning is h。alf of success, I wish you will alwa。ys be successful.


  In this glorious and happy Spring Festival, give all good blessin。gs! I w。ish all the best.


  A series of sincere blessings, an extraordinary heart, on the short message of love, into your heart. Happy Spring Festival!


  I wish you a new year to get rich on Marlboro, the cause of Hongta mountain, the lover over Ashima。, the wealth of great China.


  The fortu。ne of luc。k! Good health, all t。he best! At the start of a new year, namely to l。ongevity.


  May you have a happy Spring Festival! Hope that the world is full of details and I wish you a happy。 year。 with the most sincere heart.


  On this happy new spring。 night, let us。 pra。y for thre。e things together, a go。od friend, a good appetite, a good dream!


  Wis。h you a car。eer on the upgrade, new year! Realize the ambition in the。 New Year!


  The good blessing, lost in。 th。is message, the letter is not v。ery heavy, my friends wish you。 a happy New Year!


  All the glory of the world is not as good as a friend. In this old new day, I wish you all goo。d!


  For many days, I would like to b。ring you a lot of happine。ss in this auspicious Spring Festival. I wish y。ou a happy Spring Festival!


  Happy New Year! I wish you a new year of health. Work well! Life is full! H。ave a good moo。d every day!





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